Thanks to the specific inclination of anchors and to the structure of strong frame in steel, the dissoter goes inside to the land, keeping a perfect adherence to the gound, breaking and rough-shaping the surface more aired and uniform. Equipped of safety screews at high load of breakage, regulable abchors interaxis and light under the frame of 95 cm., the dissoter can be fitted with a couple of tongues, with oversize anchors and with 2/3 anchors for tilling.
The combining with rear disk permits to crumble the land and to turn round it in order to consent the interment of remaining cultivation; the use of the double skiked roller, on the contrary, permits to break the clods realiziong a compact land. This combination can be inclined hydraucally and through the parallelogramm linkage regulates the depth hydraulically from the maximum position until the exclusion from working phase of disk itselves.



Type HP  Anchors no. Depth cm Working width m Weight Kg
D/5 100/120 5 50-55 2,40 890
D/7F 160/200 7 50-55 3,00 1100
D/7 160/200 7 50-55 3,40* 1570
D/9 220/350 9 50-55 4,40* 2050

*Hydraulic folding  m 2,50
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