Useful for tilling at high depths, it effectuates a remaining cleft without causing a harmful mixing of deeper and inert of land sheets. The main function is to favour land to water condition and to the complete development of plants.
Rigid subsoiler is furnished of unhooking system with safety screw in steel to high load of breakage, in order to avoid damages to the subsoiler or to the tractor in the case of obstacles existing in the land.

Rigid subsoiler


Type HP  Anchors no. Depth cm Width m Weight kg
RDR/1 100/120 1 90 / 350
RDR/2 180/200 2 90 2,45 880
RDR/3 200/250 3 90 2,50 1120
RDR5 350/500 5 90 5,00* 2300

*Hydraulic folding m 02,50
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