AIR DISC, thanks to crooked profile and the position of Michel anchor types, equipped of a safety bolt, is the ideal machine for the soil cracking, aeration and drainage at depths without causing clods and remixing of layers: besides the type of furrow obtained, it permits a slow evaporation of water and facilitates a new root crops.
The double row of wavy discs, registered in the height, adjusts the working depth, permits to crumble the clods very well and breaks remaining cultivation without causing land inversion.
By a special linkage, it is possible to use only the disk in front of the tractor if it has a front lift.
Instead of the double row of wavy discs, it is possible to use the cage roller or packer roller.
Thanks to this type of low traction machine, the fuel costs are reduced and it avoids to pass, for refining, the ground again.

Air Disc


Tipo N° Ancore Larghezza lavoro HP
AIR/300F 6 3,00 160/200
AIR/400* 8 4,00 220/300
AIR/400F 8 4,00 220/300

*Chiusura idraulica a m 2,50
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