"Growing technology"

The weeding is a necessary operation to break the crust of ground and to eliminate copletely the weeds near to cultivation.
Thanks to robustness and to versatility, ROSSETTO'S weeders can weed, earth up and dung for every kind of ground, for every cultivation with interfile from 30 to 80 cm and speed from 5 to 12 Km/h.
The dunging is done by spreader-manure at volumetric distribution with inox steel microgranulars that permits the right dunging for six (maize) or eight files (sugar beets).
It is available with treated plate or in inox steel.
It has capacity from 3 q to 6 q (850lt) for dung.
SV 8 rows mais weeder

Weeder with vibrating grapplers (SV)

Weeder with independent weeding elements composed by: - Parallelogram of big oscillation that works on pin with hostaform bushes to follow the difference of ground level; - Pressed steel blade to avoid torsional movement during the working phase; - Hook system for digging the single files. It is assembled for series with vibrating grapplers 12 mm in hardened steel  that pull away the grass from roots and also bearing wheels at watertight to regulate the working depth. It is also available with defend plant, authomatic driving, directional couple wheels, rubber wheels and hydralic ...

Weeder with mechanically controlled opening (SM)

It is a weeder suitable in particular for difficult and grassy grounds. Equipped with disks, teeth and angular elements easly registrable, with authomatic driving and iron wheels on double watertight bearings to regulate the working depth.

Heavy-duty ridger

Heavy-duty ridger is an equipment suitable to move the terrain to the basis of the plants. The machine is composed of 2 or 3 elements with width regulation.
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